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About Us

Ninth Tier is an indie game studio based in Toronto, Canada. We are a small team working together to create games, as well as educating youth in the process of game design. We are currently in the development of our next big project. Stay tuned for updates!

Super Sloth

Our first mobile game - Super Sloth - Play it slow is available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

This endless runner game is to remind you that life should be taken slowly. Try getting a high score with this ridiculously paced game!

This is a commissioned game by Karla Courtney who owns the rights to her character Super Sloth.

2019 Webby Award Honoree • Best Games: Action 

Fun • Cute • Original Graphics and Music • Made Independently • Annoyingly Slow



Games are fun to play, but they can be equally fun to make!

Ninth Tier is providing educational services to youth and anyone interested in learning game development. We start with the basics and build our way up - just like how a real game is made. From art to programming, students will have the knowledge to build their own game from scratch using developer tools that professionals use in the industry.

Contact us below in order to sign up for a 1 on 1 tutored course, or to join a course with other students interested in game development as well!

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